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Taking a Negative and Turning It Into A Positive for Your Business

  I’m a “Gear Head”…I love cars, especially fast ones. FCA Chrysler now makes the world’s quickest and fastest production car; the Dodge Demon. It’s so fast, the National Hot Rod Association has banned the car from its sanctioned race tracks. While it’s street legal and meets all normal safety requirements, it’s so fast that […]


Ready? Set? Be Creative!

Me be creative! That’s what I like to think. I’m always looking for new ideas; fortunately, many just come to me without notice. I like to keep a pen and paper handy.  iPhone Voice Memo too. And fortunately, I know people who share their good ideas with me. I doubt that your job doesn’t involve […]


Ready, Fire, Aim

Someone, probably a Red Sox fan in the Chevy marketing department, had an epiphany; we’ll tie-in our new Silverado to the “Boston Strong” movement. You know, the campaign that started right after the Boston bombing. Chevy decided that “Silverado Strong” would be cool. At the last minute, Chevy and Co-sponsor Major League Baseball decided to […]


Bringing Passion to the Marketplace

If you’re successful in business, it’s for a few good basic reasons. If Daddy wasn’t a billionaire, the biggest reason you’re successful is because you are passionate about your business. Take Bob McDorman. He’s sold cars since 1965 and he loves the car business. He owns a Chevrolet dealership in Columbus, Ohio and he has […]


It’s All in a Name

During a business trip, an associate and I saw something that made us laugh so hard, we forgot to take a picture of the incident. We actually saw a cop pull over a donut truck. Now, that’s irony. We had a cell phone with a camera, but we were laughing so hard, we fumbled around […]